Tool Talk #3: Updated Federal Grant Awards Map

Tool Talk #3: Updated Federal Grant Awards Map

Updating and Enhancing the Award Map with New Data and More Programs

As you may be aware, the RAISE grant application deadline is quickly approaching on April 14th, but there is still time!

In order to help you contextualize your grant applications, we have produced an update to the interactive map produced by EBP from last season showing award grantees. EBP is always interested in new ways to help support agencies in the grant process, and this tool is designed to help identify projects that may be similar to your own as you prepare your grant applications.

This year’s map includes data from all years of the RAISE/BUILD/TIGER program since its inception in 2009 through 2021, and also expands the programs to include awards from the INFRA/FASTLANE programs. The basic use of the tool remains: You can find awards of interest quickly based on criteria of interest, including the award size, the type of project, the type of applicant, and whether the project was designated Urban or Rural.

The interactive tool's left sidebar provides filters in an intuitive interface for paring down projects to only those relevant to users. For example, if you want to see only RAISE grants, select RAISE/BUILD/TIGER (the default). If you’re looking for more recent awards, use the check boxes for Select Years and check the boxes next to 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018. If you’re thinking of applying for a larger project that is focused on rail improvements, under Select Project Types, uncheck everything except “Rail,” and adjust the slider under Select Range of Award Amounts to be $10M to $25M. (The max award for RAISE grants is $25M.) Now you’ll be able to see all the projects recently awarded under the program.

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Sixteen awards fit these criteria. If your agency happens to be in the upper Midwest, you might want to learn more about a project in South Dakota – clicking on the marker shows you the project. The South Dakota freight capacity project was awarded $22M in the last round of RAISE grants.

We’ve also provided a list view of this data for quick parsing: Click on the Data tab near the top. Search and sorting controls are built in.

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Click here or on an image above to reach the free complete tool. If you have any feedback or feature requests, contact Brandon Irvine at or via our general e-mail,