2021 RAISE Discretionary Grants NOFO

The 2021 federal grant application season is upon us, and EBP is ready to apply its experience in grant support for another batch of promising applications.

This week, USDOT announced a new round of competitive grants through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant Program (formerly known as BUILD). RAISE applications must be submitted by 5:00PM Eastern on July 12, 2021.  Further information can be found at  https://www.transportation.gov/RAISEgrants.

While many of the program’s elements are like prior years, some new features have been added and new areas of emphasis have emerged.  Key features of the 2021 RAISE grant program included the following:

  • provides a total of $1.0 billion in grants for road, rail, transit, and port investments – double the amount available last year under the BUILD program.
  • primary selection criteria are safety, environmental sustainability, quality of life, economic competitiveness, and state of good repair. The secondary selection criteria are partnership and innovation.
  • as suggested by the program’s new acronym, the program prioritizes projects that result in good-paying jobs, and address climate change and racial equity. 
  • Gives greater weight to benefits that occur in areas of persistent poverty, defined as counties that had more than 20 percent of the population in poverty over the previous thirty years.
  • directs that not more than half of program funds go to either urban or rural areas.
  • requires projects be ready to start construction upon obligation of funds; the obligation period extends to June 2024.

The EBP team has more than two decades of experience in providing successful consultation on transportation grant applications, ranging from performing the required benefit-cost analysis to preparing the full application. EBP offers a wide spectrum of BCA tools recognized by USDOT, including easily understood and communicated spreadsheet applications, as well as the Multimodal Benefit Cost Analysis tool available through TREDIS software. In the last three years, applications we have supported have won over $44 million in federal grants. Selected recent experience includes:                                 

Contact Ira Hirschman of EBP for more information. For more on the MBCA and TREDIS tools, contact Jon Lee of TREDIS Software.