AASHTO-APTA Return on Investment Report Webinar

On October 19th, 2021, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) will sponsor a webinar on "Implementing the Business Case Evaluation Guide for Intercity Passenger Rail Investment."

The webinar is aimed at representatives of State DOTs as well as MPOs and local governments. It is designed to enable them to use the new AASHTO/APTA Guide for Business Case ROI, to improve the way that they (1) assess proposals for intercity passenger rail investments, and (2) work and cooperate with partners at other levels of government for planning and financing. It is designed to equally apply for commuter rail, intercity rail, and high-speed rail proposals. Key features are its recognition of multiple perspectives for assessing impacts, its coverage of wider public policy interests, and its framework facilitating public/private and local/state/federal cooperation.

The webinar will feature a presentation by Glen Weisbrod of EBP, director of the Business Case ROI Guide. There will also be a panel of state and regional agency leaders who will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with using the guide to enable more cooperative planning and financing of passenger rail projects.

The webinar presentation is based on the ROI guide developed by Glen Weisbrod, Ira Hirschman, and Adam Blair of EBP.