Cecilia Viggiano Presents at Eno Webinar on Leveraging Transit Data

EBP's Dr. Cecilia Viggiano presented at a webinar on "Leveraging Transit Data: Best Practices for Data Management and Sharing," sponsored by Eno Center for Transportation, and was held June 29th, 2021.

Transit agencies collect a wealth of data on their systems and how riders use and experience them. As transit ridership begins to recover from the pandemic, agencies are leveraging this data to provide more information to customers, make decisions about how their services can evolve, and to support multimodal travel. This webinar explored how good data management can enable innovative strategies, including examples of how the MBTA has used a variety of data sources to inform service planning during the pandemic and recovery. The speakers also discussed how data sharing can connect transit agencies with partners that support agency functions and research.

Cecilia's PowerPoint Presentation is available for download on the right side of the screen.