Chris Steele Contributes to IEDC Gold Award Winning Industrial Development Incentive Program

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) was recently recognized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) by winning the prestigious, Gold Rank Award for AIHA’s Heartland Incentive Program (HIP).

The program is offered by the five member municipalities of AIHA to encourage industrial development in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. Municipalities offer incentives to new projects or expansions within the energy value chain located within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The program provides incentives valued between 1.0 – 2.5 per cent of the project’s total capital cost, but specific incentive opportunities range depending on the municipality

EBP’s Chris Steele was hired by the AIHA to work with its member municipalities to help finalize the policy, and then to write the individual municipal bylaws to implement the program. Chris’ work helped to ensure that the policy is transparent, includes accountability for both the municipality and the company, is performance-based, enhances the region’s competitiveness, leverages programs provided by the Province of Alberta, and is revenue-positive for participating municipalities.

IEDC’s Excellence in Economic Development Awards recognize the world’s best economic development programs and partnerships, marketing materials, and the year’s most influential leaders. Click here for more details on the award and the project.