Chris Steele Presents at Canadian Alternative Investments in Pensions (CAiP) Annual Forum

 On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, EBP's Chris Steele presented virtually during two sessions at the Canadian Alternative Investments in Pensions (CAiP)) Annual Forum.

In the first session, Chris served as moderator of the "Pension Fund Power Panel - Considering the Dominance of the Industrial Sector and Alternative Real Estate Sectors." Since the pandemic, many investors have turned to the industrial sector, and rightfully so as warehouse values rose above 6%.  Much of the growth in this sector is down to e-commerce exploding, supply management shifts, and re-routing of supply chains creating new demand. However, with the industrial prices increasing significantly and bidding proving extremely competitive, will the industrial sector maintain its stronghold? Or should investors be exploring alternative real estate classes such as data centers or medical offices?

The second session featured a fireside chat on the "Year of the Supply Chain," and Chris served as a panelist. The past year has been a record one for global supply chains, in terms of both disruption, and wider-ranging recognition of the term itself and what it all really means. For institutional investors, especially those either engaged, or looking to be, in real estate and infrastructure, there have been supply chain-related challenges, but also opportunities. This fireside chat with experts in the field focused on what’s been happening with this historic logistical congestion that has been impacting everyone’s lives, businesses, plus how it is integrally tied into real assets.