Dr. Cecilia Viggiano Appointed as a Founding Member of the TRB Standing Committee on Transit Data

This year, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) officially designated AP090 Transit Data as a Standing Committee. Formerly, the topic of transit data was covered by the Joint Subcommittee on Transformative Trends in Transit Data (AP000/ABJ00). This designation reflects the importance of data for public transit agencies.

According the committee mission, the new committee “seeks to foster coordination, communication, and research exploration among transit agencies and researchers, and the broader transportation data community.”  

Dr. Cecilia Viggiano was appointed as a founding member of the committee. She brings key expertise in public transit data sharing and management, having served as principal investigator for Report 213 Data Sharing Guidance for Public Transit Agencies – Now and in the Future  as well as for the ongoing TCRP G-18 research on transit ITS data standards and management .