Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group) is Now EBP

Boston, MA/January 2, 2020 - Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group), one of the nation's leading firms in infrastructure economics, has a new name: EBP.

This name change is part of an effort to further emphasize our membership in the EBP global family of firms.  EBP has locations in Zürich, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany; Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shenzhen, China; as well as Boston. EBP features a culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, decentralized and client-oriented leadership, and global collaboration that will help us to expand our capabilities in economics, transportation and energy.

CEO Peter Plumeau said, "We are thrilled to complete our three-year transition to EBP and fully focus on our goal of shaping the future by helping our clients achieve lasting improvement and build a sustainable transportation system and economy.  As EBP US, we remain an American company that will continue to provide the same cutting-edge analysis our clients expect from EDR Group. We are still headquartered in downtown Boston with the same US-based staff and leadership, and maintain the same high standards for client responsiveness and product quality we have always had.  Now, as part of the global EBP family of companies, we offer more services and expertise honed from over 50 years of experience helping clients around the world. "  

With the transition to the EBP name, we have launched a new website at . We are excited to continue serving our clients in the U.S. and internationally, with the same commitment to excellence we have always provided.  

Contact Info:  

Contact Person: Peter Plumeau, CEO  

Company: EBP US, Inc.  

Company URL:    

Address: 155 Federal Street, Suite 600, Boston, MA 02110 USA  

Phone: 617-338-6775 x220