EDR Group Renews Federal Services Schedule Contract

Economic Development Research Group, Inc. (EDRG) has established a national reputation for excellence in market research, project impact assessment and program evaluations in the fields of transportation, energy and the environment.

Federal agencies can access the services of EDRG via several indefinite quantity contracts that are available through teaming arrangements. To further streamline the process, Federal agencies cancontract directly with EDRG via the General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Supply Schedule (FSS). 

GSAcontractholderAs a pre-qualified FSS contractor (contract GS-10F-0235W), EDRG has passed a rigorous review of the firm's products, services and associated expertise, management and customer satisfaction, including quality, timeliness, cost and service value. Under this contract, EDRG provides economic evaluation consulting services. The firm is also eligible to fulfill ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) orders. In addition, state and local governments my provide disaster recovery support services from EDRG's contract.

Through the FSS program, EDRG offers the advantages of pre-negotiated volume pricing discounts for federal agencies and a streamlined, time-saving process to quickly access EDRG's expertise. This is accomplished using an indefinite quantity contract between the federal government and EDRG that is currently  valid through June 24, 2020. The GSA vehicle can be used by all federal agencies, government corporations and the District of Columbia. It provides for contracts between $300 and $1 million. Contracts executed with EDRG under FSS also count towards meeting agency small business contracting goals.

Online access for FSS contracting is available through GSA Advantage!® at www.gsaadvantage.gov. This system provides up-to-date pricing and the ability for federal buyers to prepare RFQs, receive quotes and issue task orders electronically. It offers the full range of contract options (fixed price, time & materials, etc.), the ability to create blanket purchase agreements for recurring needs, and options for contractor teaming arrangements. By sending an RFQ to three pre-qualified GSA  contractors, the entire procurement process is expedited. This process also assures that orders meet the federal Competition in Contracting Act (CICA).

Click here to access pricing and services via EDRG's Federal Supply Schedule for Consulting Services.

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