EDRG Presentations at AMPO Conference 2014

EDR Group's Michael Rodriguez and Chandler Duncan presented at the annual AMPO Conference, October 21st-24th, 2014, in Atlanta, GA.

Tuesday 10/21: Michael Rodriguez presented "Driverless Transportation: What you Should Be Planning For," as part of a panel discussion on "Automated Transportation and Impacts to Planning" Panel Description: Governments and industry are working hard to develop technologies and legislation that will revolutionize the transportation system in the future, perhaps even within the planning horizon of Long Range Plans developed today. In this session, learn what infrastructure MPOs should consider in order to plan for driverless transportation, discover the effects next-generation vehicles may have on travel demand, and explore the role MPOs can play in planning and implementing electric vehicle charging facilities.

Wed  10/22: Chandler Duncan presented "Visualizing Economic Relationships Using MPO Resources," as part of a panel discussion on "Evaluation Tools." Duncan demonstrated innovative examples of how the tools available at a Metropolitan Planning organization can be used to demonstrate in graphical and practical terms what is really meant by “economic benefit” or impact when considering transportation choices. Panel Description: MPO’s today are responding to the growing need to identify measures and demonstrate value in a comprehensive manner. This session will highlight how MPOs utilize evaluation tools to quantify and map economic benefits of transportation investments in a region, address sustainability and smart growth, evaluate multimodal investments, and implement demand management strategies at the regional level.