ITF Roundtable on Broadening Transport Appraisal to Capture the Full Impact of Investments

Glen Weisbrod is participating in the international expert Roundtable on “Broadening Transport Appraisal to Capture the Full Impact of Investments.”

This invitation-only event, held  over September 29 – October 1, 2021, is  run by the OECD International Transport Forum. It brings together experts from nations around the world to discuss advances in best practice for evaluation of transportation investments. The topics are:

  • Maximizing the long term value of infrastructure;
  • Improving social and regional equity;
  • Supporting catalysts for transformative economic development;
  • Compatibility with, and contribution to, climate change policy;
  • Improving accessibility, rather than simply increasing mobility.

The outcome of this workshop will be published as an OECD-ITF Research report.