Let's Go CT: Connecticut Department of Transportation (CONNDOT) Statewide Plans

For the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT), EDR Group (now EBP) teamed with CDMSmith to evaluate three major projects that are part of Let’s Go CT – the state’s $100 billion transportation program for restoring and transforming Connecticut’s transportation system to support a strong and growing economy.

EDR Group/CDMSmith's assessment included both a Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) and an Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed $7.1 billion replacement of the I-84/Route 8 Mixmaster in Waterbury, the proposed $5.3 billion replacement of the I-84 Viaduct in Hartford, and provision of express rail services for the New Haven line.

The results of EDR Group’s analysis demonstrated that the benefits of making these investments will far exceeded their costs. The analysis also showed that investments in each of these major infrastructure improvement projects contribute to improving the state’s economic competitiveness. These improvements in competitiveness will support new job creation and increased Gross State Product.

EDR Group is currently assessing the entire Let’s Go CT investment program and providing supporting economic analysis for the Governor’s Transportation Finance Panel. These findings are part of a soon-to-be-issued report. EDR Group will provide a link to these reports and any publically released supporting documentation once they are approved and available for release to the public.