Now Available: Value of Transit Presentation from APTA Conference

On Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, Dr. Cecilia Viggiano presented on "From Volume to Value: Measuring and Communicating the Value of Transit Beyond Ridership" at the APTA TRANSform Conference. in Orlando, FL.

The pandemic has shown communities across North America that transit is essential to keeping our economy moving and providing vital access each day to jobs, healthcare, education, and other basic needs. Traditionally, however, transit’s success has been quantified by how many passengers we carry rather than the true economic, social, and environmental benefits we provide to the broader community, both for those that use transit and those who do not. Join this compelling discussion on rethinking how transit’s value is measured and communicated to customers, the general public, and business and political leaders. What new metrics and practical tools are available and how are they being applied to tell a more comprehensive story?

The APTA TRANSform Conference, formerly known as the APTA Annual Meeting, was held November 7-10, 2021, and provided the ideas, insights, and connections to help attendees manage the changing mobility environment and the future of public transportation.

The PowerPoint presentation can be found here