Broadband Telecom Boosts Economic Development in Upstate New York

The Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) launched a high-speed fiber optic network in 2004 to bring broadband communication services to rural communities in northern New York. 

The Open Access Telecom Network (OATN) of Northern New York is available to support residential and business broadband service offerings. Wireless operators are also using the network to help provide better wireless service coverage to the region.

Approximately 70 school locations within the region were among the first to benefit from the new broadband capabilities, which are helping to reduce network costs while enhancing distance-learning capabilities. Additionally, New York government agencies are using the network to enable broadband connectivity between offices.

For the Development Authority of the North Country, EDR Group provided a training seminar and materials on taking advantage of new opportunities for enhanced economic development made possible by dramatic changes in the cost and availability of fiber optic broadband networks in the North Country. The audience comprised economic development officials and professionals in a three county area. The intent of the training process was to maximize the effectiveness of a new fiber optic backbone being provided to the region by the Development Authority.