California Freight Mobility Plan

For the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), EBP (formerly EDR Group) is part of the consultant team preparing the statewide California Freight Mobility Plan (CFMP).

Leveraging the firm's expertise and experience in conducting analyses that assess the relationship of economic performance to investments in freight infrastructure and investment, EBP is providing Caltrans with several key services, including:

1. Conducting analyses employing a range of data sources, including modal freight and import/export flows and macroeconomic, industry, workforce, and occupation indicators.

2. Collaboratively working with Caltrans staff to produce and review the “freight institutions” element of the CFMP.

3. Developing training materials on freight economics for California statewide planning as part of a Caltrans Goods Movement Planning workshop.

EBP’s work will form the core of the CFMP’s “economic context” section, which provides the foundation for prioritizing the next 20 years of state investments in freight mobility infrastructure, programs, and policies.