Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in Tuolumne County, California

EBP and MRW & Associates have been selected to conduct a community choice aggregation feasibility study for Tuolumne County, California. This is the team’s fifth such project in the past five years. Prior California CCA projects include the City of Stockton, City of Long Beach, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County.

EBP will focus its analysis on the proposed CCA’s economic impacts including customer savings from lower rates; jobs generated by the CCA’s operation; the impacts of increased purchased renewable energy and renewable generation developed within the community; and impacts from increased energy efficiency. All these activities provide direct and indirect savings to customers and businesses as well as increased income and competitiveness to the CCA area economy.

Community Choice Aggregation is the purchase of electric supply by one or more communities where the community becomes the retail energy supplier for residential and small commercial customers. Utilities continue to deliver electricity and maintain the electric infrastructure. A single utility billing and collection structure usually serves customers for both supply and delivery costs. Nine states currently have active CCA programs. California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York are among the most active states, but CCA growth in California is explosive. A 2020 UCLA study found that in just a few years, CCAs have grown from serving one percent of California electric customers to 30 percent. Further, CCAs are generating twice the renewable energy required in their communities by California’s Renerable Portfolio Standards, accelerating the state’s decarbonization path.  EBP is proud to be a part this process.