Economic Impact Analysis of Utah's Unified Plan 2050

For the Greater Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce, EDR Group (now EBP) performed a comprehensive economic impact analysis of three different funding levels for Utah’s "Unified Plan" (long term transportation investment plan). The study compared alternative funding levels for the multi-modal plan, assessing 25-year scenarios for growth and changes in the economy.  This included the application of an economic model to assess economic productivity benefits and impacts on jobs, household income, business output, and Gross Domestic Product. The study also estimated the public return on investment (ROI) for transportation dollars spent on the Plan and quantified Utah’s overall economic dependence on different passenger and freight modes of transportation.

The report showed that state and local government investment in broad-based transportation could result in more than 180,000 new jobs over the next three decades. The report also showed that if municipal governments and transportation agencies fully implement Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan, the result would be almost 183,000 cumulative new jobs created by 2040, $130.5 million in additional household income, $183.6 billion in additional gross domestic product and $22.2 billion in additional tax revenues from economic growth.