Economic Impact Study of the Kansas Turnpike Authority

For the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA), EBP (formerly EDR Group), in partnership with Burns & McDonnell, conducted an economic impact study of the authority's operations and facilities.

The impact study includes two components: 1) an evaluation of the stimulus effects of KTA investments on the Kansas economy, and 2) an assessment of the economic importance of KTA in supporting goods movement and trade. The freight analysis combines insight from key stakeholder interviews with an innovative analysis that incorporates data from the Kansas statewide travel demand model, KTA’s truck counts, and EBP’s proprietary county-to-county freight database, vFreight™.


The study found that direct KTA expenditures result in a spinoff effect within the larger Kansas economy producing a 2.2 to 1 return on investment and $236.2M in output annually. In addition, the freight dependence analysis showed that with wider economic effects on suppliers and from consumer spending, 12% of the state economy (gross state product) is either relying on the Kansas Turnpike to help move goods or doing business with those who are.