Economic Impact Study of the San Francisco International Airport

For the San Francisco Airport Commission (SFO), EDR Group (now EBP) led a team in providing a comprehensive estimate of the FY 2018 contribution and roles of SFO to the Bay Area economy and to the nine counties in the region.

Research for the study included a 1,500 person visitor survey; an analysis of FY 2018 annual air traveler data to count visitors and identify those from domestic and international locations; administration of a survey to account for all tenants; an air freight cargo analysis; estimates of state, local and federal aviation tax revenues in the Bay Area and by county; and an assessment of the economic impacts of potential new air services.

In addition to the scale of economic benefits generated by SFO, the study identifies the major industries in the Bay Area that are supported by aviation activities at the airport. The estimates provided by this study will assist stakeholders such as the airlines, federal agencies, local governments, and the community in understanding the total benefits of SFO which informs decisions on policy, management, and investments. This is the third complete economic contribution study conducted by EDR Group (previous studies were completed in 2012 and 2015). In addition, EDR Group also developed desktop updates of the comprehensive studies based on updated concession revenues, administrative employment, domestic and international destined cargo tonnage moving through the airport, and economic multipliers.