The Economic Potential Of An Advanced Biofuels Sector In Massachusetts

by Navigant Consulting with Economic Development Research Group, in Advanced Biofuels Task Force: Final Report, Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), 2008.

The development of advanced biofuels can have environmental, economic development and security benefits. In Massachusetts, an "Advanced Biofuels Task Force" was set up by the governor to identify potential economic opportunities for development of that economic sector in the state. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative tapped EDR Group' to conduct the research on economic incentives that the state could enact for consumption and /or production of biofuels. In addition, EDR Group assisted in the assessment of potential benefits from those incentives.

First, EDR Group identified states with (1) similar agriculture profiles to Massachusetts and (2) with robust biofuels programs. EDR Group's research then centered on (1) categorization of incentives (e.g., grants, tax credits, loans); (2) values of incentives; (3) scale of each state in regards to the value of incentives (population and economy); and (4) documenting out-of-state investment attracted and other benefits and return of investment (ROI) generated by out of state investment.

EDRG Group conducted this research through a literature search, data analysis and a systematic program of interviews with biotech and agriculture officials of targeted states. EDR Group also contributed to the Task force's understanding of supplier industries to the biofuels sector and estimated the overall "multiplier" potential of the sector.

EDR Group summarized its research in a technical memorandum and supporting data tables to EEA. The research contributed to a report to the Governor on a strategic framework for biofuels policy and The Clean Energy Biofuels Act signed by the Governor in July, 2008.

Full Report of the Massachusetts Advanced Biofuels Task Force
(of which EDR Group played a significant role in Chapter 1 and Appendix A)

Boston Globe article: July 2, 2008