Financial and Economic Analysis of the Hong Kong International Airport

For a private client, under subcontract to Asia Consulting Group Limited, EDR Group (now EBP) reviewed economic assessments conducted by the Hong Kong Aviation Authority to evaluate the proposed construction of a third runway at Hong Kong Internation Airport. 

The detailed terms for the study encompassed: reviewing the benefit-cost and economic impact assessments completed as part of the HKIA Master Plan 2030 study EDR Group also redefined benefit-cost and economic impact evaluation based on updated data, new circumstances (such as anticipated effect of a planned high-speed rail service from the airport to the China mainland) and best practices.  Also, EDR Group reviewed the related financial analysis with financial modeling to highlight key factors with significant impacts; and proposed optimal financing arrangements for the recommended option, maximizing the benefits to the Government while minimizing impacts on the Authority’s capability fulfilling its strategic business objectives.