Massachusetts DOT Zero Emission Vehicles

EDR Group (now EBP) conducted an analysis to assess the feasibility of deploying new DC fast-charging stations on MassDOT property to support long-distance travel for zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) across Massachusetts.

The study included an assessment of the electric vehicle market in Massachusetts and the identification of future scenarios for DCFC infrastructure demand using a fleet evolution model to estimate energy needs. Later tasks focused on major travel corridors that long-distance travel, including work to:

  1. Assess the appropriate level of investment from MassDOT to support ZEV market growth;
  2. determine where MassDOT can potentially fill gaps in the existing fast-charging system for long-distance ZEV charging along major travel corridors;
  3. prioritize over 350 MassDOT sites based on suitability for hosting fast-charging stations; and
  4. estimate costs for deploying fast-charging stations at the best-suited sites.