Measuring Multimodal Connectivity in Northern New Jersey

For the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), EBP (formerly EDR Group) defined and implemented connectivity performance metrics to evaluate origin-destination connections in the region. The study considered four key themes: reliability, route directness, transit-supportiveness, and bicycle/pedestrian connectivity.

EBP facilitated a workshop for NJTPA in which key stakeholders were invited to identify the parameters that define a “good” transportation connection, from the perspective of different types of transportation users. This imaginative exercise then provided the basis for identifying specific performance measures that translate available data into meaningful insights. EBP also worked to define regional benchmarks—thresholds against which the performance of individual links or connections can be measured. One of the more important features of the study is that it involves the implementation of new highway reliability data and the ability to identify instances where bottlenecks are affecting both roadway and transit users, thus providing an opportunity for transit-supportive solutions such as signal prioritization or bus lanes.