Multi-modal Urban Mobility Measures

For the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), EBP (formerly EDR Group) is currently assessing the usefulness of various accessibility and system performance metrics to reflect the role of public transit, cars, biking, and walking as parts of an urban transportation system. This work is examining the potential for mobility and accessibility indicators that reflect differing travel modes, urban/suburban areas, trip purposes, and times. The study also examines the characteristics and range of available data sources. Urban accessibility metrics are being reviewed in terms of how they can reflect the ease of traveling and reaching destinations of interest. Accessibility metrics are also being tested in various metropolitan areas to assess how well they can reflect sensitivity to various travel environments.



This current work follows from earlier work that EBP conducted for APTA, which examined how highway and rail and bus transit access affect the labor market for emerging business clusters and growing metro areas, collectively. This new work also adds Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and active transportation modes, as well as broader trip purposes and broader city/metro indicators.