Muskogee Waterfront Recovery & Resiliency Project

EBP conducted a complex benefit-cost analysis (BCA) as part of the 2022 Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) Grant application, which resulted in a $23,955,557 grant awarded to the Muskogee (OK) City-County Port Authority.

The Port of Muskogee, a major port along the McClellan–Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, suffered significant damage in 2019 due to heavy rains and flooding on the Arkansas River. The planned project will include reconstruction of the previously existing dock, as well as repair and reconstruction of existing on-dock railroad and warehouse facilities. This also includes expansion of the Port’s capacity and operational flexibility through a new heavy lift dock.  

As a result of the flood damage, the Port of Muskogee’s handling capacity was significantly reduced, and freight which had previously shipped via the port, was required to divert traffic to more distant river ports or to move volumes by truck.  The BCA captured the benefits of restoring and then expanding the Port’s capacity going forward, with benefits including greatly reduced truck volumes, reduced transport and supply chain costs, and reduced emissions.