Nantucket Building Material Salvage and Architectural Reuse Study

For ReMain Nantucket and Nantucket Preservation Trust, EBP is conducting a building material salvage and architectural reuse study on Nantucket.

The study encompasses a market, impact, and feasibility analysis.  This includes examining the economic value of materials reuse, the impacts and attitudes on Nantucket towards the deconstruction instead of demolition of buildings, the estimated avoided carbon emissions based on the embodied energy of reusable materials, and the possibilities for creating a salvage facility on the island. The study results provide insights into how to better use Nantucket’s building and construction resources while having a positive impact on Nantucket’s long-term sustainability.

Phase One of the study is now complete and a Phase One Interim Report has been published.  A press release is also available. 

EBP and Nantucket Preservation Trust will continue the study with a second phase, currently underway, that will explore strategies created by other communities to reduce construction and demolition waste.