OECD International Transport Forum: Wider Economic Impacts

EBP (formerly EDR Group) staff (Glen Weisbrod and Stephen Fitzroy) worked for the International Transport Forum (OECD/ITF) in a series of international workshops in Paris, Santiago, Boston and Mexico City that focused on identifying multi-modal transport evaluation issues confronting governments around the world. 

Glen Weisbrod and Stephen Fitzroy covered how wider benefit, impact, and equity concerns can be incorporated into decision-making as new transport options emerge and how ex-post observation can be implemented to track ongoing progress and uncover emerging issues. For the Paris workshop on “Quantifying the Socio-Economic Benefits of Transport, Glen Weisbrod authored the core discussion report called “Estimating Wider Economic Impacts in Transportation Project Prioritization.” The report examined how benefit-cost analysis, economic impact analysis, and multi-criteria analysis approaches have evolved and been applied to address the governmental decision processes in the U.S. and other countries.