Port of Long Beach Economic Impact Study

For the Port of Long Beach, CA, EDR Group (now EBP) prepared an economic impact assessment of the full range of port activities, including a long-range forecast of trade and inland freight flow. EDR Group found that one in five jobs in the City of Long Beach depended on the Port and goods that move through the Port of Long Beach supports over 2.6 million American jobs and contributes over $206 billion to US GDP annually.

The forecasting system was designed to accomplish two objectives: 1. Evaluate the economic impacts of a range of possible scenarios, including the effects of natural and human-caused disruptions, and 2. To assess the economic impacts of these disruptions on the local, statewide and national economies. The model includes a system for mapping the flow of traded goods (imports and exports) for the entire US and is supported by an updatable database that includes economic and trade forecasts. The modeling system was designed to be operated and managed by the Port of Long Beach technical staff and included training and implementation support.