Prince William County Small Area Access Improvements Study

As part of a consultant team lead by Michael Baker International, EBP supported the Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) and Prince William County, Virginia, in a Growth and Technical Assistance project, the Prince William County Small Area Access Improvements Study. 

The purposes of the study were to identify safety and other persistent problems in local roadways; to identify infrastructure and operational improvements to address problems; and to develop a cost effectiveness evaluation tool to support investment decisions by the County to address these problems with greatest efficiency. 

In the first phase of the study, to identify problems and countermeasures, EBP evaluated legacy roadways from the standpoint of pedestrian and bike safety and comfort. EBP developed data and graphics to rate different roadways segments on a 1-5 Pedestrian and Bicycle Level of Stress scale. In the second phase, EBP developed an Excel-platformed Cost Effectiveness Evaluation tool that can be applied to legacy roads. In the tool, roads are considered first for safety outcomes at both the intersection and segment levels.

Results are then rolled up to a corridor level and additional planning criteria such as livability and community character were introduced to complete a holistic evaluation. Prince William County transportation planning staff intend to use this framework and tool for future planning and community outreach programs.