Regional Economic Development Strategy for Saint John (Canada)

EBP helped Envision St. John: The Regional Growth Agency, to establish the first strategic, action- and results-oriented plan for the organization and its stakeholders. 

Based in analysis of the region’s existing economic strengths in areas like energy, natural resources, telecommunications, transport, health data, and cybertechnology, EBP is helping Envision Saint John identify ways to promote the region for new investment, to attract residents to the area and grow the population, to support entrepreneurial activity, and support tourism.  Our team worked with each of the five municipalities to understand the needs of each community and their objectives.  We have also interviewed over 30 stakeholder companies, institutions, and key local individuals to better understand the local ecosystem. 

Our resulting action plan, industry targeting, and suggestions for monitoring and management will help Envision Saint John plot its course forward, and we expect to continue to aid the region in implementation going forward.