Regional Economic Impacts of Transit in the Atlanta Region

EDR Group (now EBP), working with Foursquare ITP, developed the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority's (ATL) first-ever Annual Report and Audit. The ATL is a collaborative transit planning, coordination, and policy oversight body for the transit systems operating within the 13-county Atlanta metro area.

The annual report, required by state law that established the ATL in 2018, provides a comprehensive picture of transit in the region, illustrating the performance and benefits of the metro area’s transit services.

EBP was charged with developing a comprehensive assessment of the economic and regional impacts of transit in the Atlanta region. Summarized in a chapter of the Annual Report, the assessment answers a series of key questions:

  • How does transit support people and business in the ATL region?
  • How do agency expenditures support regional jobs?
  • What industries depend on transit for access to workers?
  • How does transit help individuals and the region avoid costs?
  • How does access by mode compare across the region?

EBP’s approach incorporates insights from stakeholder interviews, data from nine regional transit agencies, and a comparative analysis of accessibility by transit and driving for the entire 13-county region, including labor market access for major employment clusters. EDR Group also assessed how well the region’s multimodal accessibility compares to other peers across the United States.