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Emerging Technologies and Opportunities for Improved Mobility and Safety in Rural Areas 2020 US
Economic Impact of Fort Drum Army Base, Watertown, New York 2018 US
Transformational Technologies and Equity 2020 US
A Guide to Using Empirical Information to Measure Economic Impact of Highway Investments 2012 US
ABC Software (Airport Benefit-Cost) System 2008 US
Airfare Distribution by Trip Purpose 2018 US
Airport Area Economic Development Model: Model and Case Study 1994 US
Airport Benefit-Cost (ABC) System Applied for Wisconsin 2001 US
Airports, Airport Cities, Airport Corridors, Aerotropolises, and Economic Development 2012 US
Airports, International Trade and Economic Development 2014 US
An Approach to Quantifying Economic and Environmental Benefits for Wisconsin's Focus on Energy 2003 US
Analysis Tool for Appalachian Regional Commission’s Performance Tracking 2010 US
Appalachian Development Highway System: Economic Impact 2016 US
Applying Benefit-Cost Analysis For Airport Improvements: Challenges In A Multi-Modal World 2009 US
Applying Spatial Aggregation Methods to Identify Opportunities for New Bus Services in London 2018 GB
Arizona Key Commerce Corridors 2004
Assessing Rail Freight Solutions to Road Congestion: Guidebook and Final Report 2006 US
Assessing The Economic Impact Of Transportation Projects: How To Match The Appropriate Technique To Your Project 1997
Assessing the Economic Value of Highways Using LEHD Data 2018 US
Assessing The Local Economic Impacts Of Air Service Development 2009