Urban and Rural Transportation Funding Study

For Missouri DOT, EDR Group (now EBP) assessed differences in vehicle characteristics and travel patterns across different portions of the state in order to estimate the potential transportation funding contributions of households under current policy and various alternative revenue policies.

The vehicle analysis was based on decoded registration data providing detail on vehicle fuel efficiency, fuel type, and other characteristics. The travel analysis uses the Local Area Travel Characteristics for Households (LATCH) statistics from BTS (derived from NHTS and ACS data for census tracts) and a Zone Activity Analysis for 223 different parts of the state using StreetLight Data's Insights platform. Work products for MoDOT include detailed charts and maps for use in communicating with stakeholders and the public and results for five different geographic classes on an urban-rural spectrum. The analysis builds on prior financial analysis completed by D'Artagnan Consulting and was completed in parallel with a new Highway Cost Allocation Study. It covered policy analysis for two registration fee schedules based on fuel efficiency, a mileage-based user fee, and updated special fuel decal policies.