West Virginia Aviation Economic Impact Study

Airports in West Virginia are important economic anchors serving as job centers and support a wide range of industries in the state including aerospace, tourism, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, health, and more.  EBP, working as part of a team, identified the wide range of economic benefits the West Virginia aviation system contributes to the state. 

The results of the West Virginia Aviation Economic Impact Study showcase the significant impact aviation has on each airport community, the local economies of nine regions, as well as the system’s combined impacts at the state level. EBP quantified the economic contribution of airport operations, airport tenants and construction activities, as well as commercial airline and general aviation (GA) services, including the transport of passengers and cargo.  These services connect residents and businesses in the state with thousands of destinations domestically and internationally and allow out-of-state visitors ready access to offerings found across West Virginia. EBP also assessed revenues associated with each airport.