EBP assesses economic costs, benefits, performance and economic development opportunities associated with energy programs, environmental policies, and new technology investments.


Our clients include utilities, private companies, professional organizations and government agencies. Our studies focus on analyzing national, regional and local economic development consequences of policies, programs and facilities to promote business productivity, efficient resource use and economic growth. They include market/feasibility, economic impact, social benefit/cost and revenue analysis pertaining to:

  1. Energy efficiency technologies and support programs,
  2. Renewable energy systems (including customer-sited and utility-scale wind & solar generation) ,
  3. Community programs (for energy efficiency, decarbonization and aggregation of power purchasing)
  4. Resilience of critical energy generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure
  5. Environmental regulations
  6. Clean technology product development and adoption.

EBP is also a leader in research issues related to energy policies, power generation portfolios, performance evaluation and sustainability.