EBP analyzes economic opportunities, impacts and benefits associated with highways and integrated multimodal transportation plans, policies and facility investments. The firm has conducted analysis studies in nearly every US state and Canadian province, as well as studies for public agencies in Australia and the European Union. EBP's ground transportation services include:


  1. Assessing road investment needs to support economic development and urban growth plans,
  2. Evaluating land and economic development impacts of past transportation projects,
  3. Predicting land and economic development implications of proposed new projects,
  4. Analyzing economic implications of proposed changes in road pricing, tolls and related policies,
  5. Measuring public cost and tax revenues associated with proposed investments, and
  6. Calculating social benefit/cost and economic impacts of proposed investments.

EBP is also a research leader in multimodal transportation policy and issues of sustainability & resilience, connectivity, prioritization, and economics-based visioning and scenario planning.