EBP is a firm dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in economic evaluation and analysis to support planning and policy in the areas of transportation, energy resources, urban development, and economic growth strategy.

Formerly known as Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group), we changed our name to EBP in 2020 to reflect our membership in the EBP Global family of firms.  EBP features a culture of interdisciplinary teamwork, decentralized and client-oriented leadership, and global collaboration to help clients arrive at viable and sustainable solutions addressing the challenges of our time.

EBP has locations in Zürich, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany; Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shenzhen, China; as well as Boston. EBP gives us both the agility and engagement of a small enterprise and the capacities of a larger organization.  We think long-term and re-invest all available funds into our future to attract and develop exceptional talent and leaders. 

 As EBP US, we remain an American company and we continue to provide the same cutting-edge economic, energy and transportation analysis that our clients received when we operated as EDR Group. We are still headquartered in downtown Boston with the same US-based staff and leadership and maintain the same high standards for client responsiveness and product quality we’ve always had.  Now, as part of the global EBP family, we offer more services and expertise honed from over 50 years of experience helping clients around the world. 

Besides our Boston home base, we now maintain satellite staff offices in the New York, Pittsburgh and Nashville and San Francisco Bay areas, and ongoing collaboration with EBP colleagues around the world.


Economic Development Research Group, Inc. was started in Boston in 1996 with a focus on research and consulting in the areas of transportation, energy and economic development. We started with a core philosophy — to contribute to a better society by enhancing our understanding of economic processes and by improving the tools we have for decision-support regarding policies and investments.

Since that time, we have earned a national and international reputation for leadership and insight regarding economic development and its relationship to public and private investments, programs and policies. Our work has consistency centered on improving the state of the art in objective analysis to help empower public and private clients to better plan and implement actions that are efficient, sustainable and serve to grow jobs, increase incomes, reduce disparities and enhance quality of life.

We initially built a practice based on economic evaluation of projects, programs and investments around North America. We subsequently expanded to address broader policy and planning issues, and a wider base of clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. This broader focus created a perfect opportunity for us to join EBP and further enhance our capabilities for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. We have been an affiliate of EBP since 2016, though our name change to EBP took effect in 2020.