EBP’s Approach to Integrating Equity into Economic Analysis

EBP helps clients across the United States and around the world prepare for the future. Communities and their governments call upon us to assist their efforts to understand how their current situation affects people today, and how their choices will affect them tomorrow. While no one can predict the future for certain, we work with our clients to determine what futures they desire, and chart courses with them to set them on their way.

Each era presents a new set of challenges or elevates old ones yet unresolved. Today, Americans reckon with centuries of codified discrimination as they move towards a more equitable and just union. This is an old problem needing urgent resolution. We at EBP are specialists in analyzing and projecting the linkages of transportation investment with economic development, opportunity, and equity. We innovate and work hard to make sure our future work fully addresses matters of equity in our communities and markets. This page highlights some of our past and present work on social equity.