Modern organizations are awash in data – both their own and that of third parties. The challenge is using it for actionable insight. Our Data Analytics services help address this gap.

Can we help you develop more informed policies, programs and policies leveraging your conditions and performance data? For example:

  • Transit ITS data (Automated passenger counter, fare card, and vehicle location data
  • Traffic operations data streams 
  • In house modeling tool results (travel and environmental models, asset management systems)

Are you looking for additional economic, social, equity, or behavioral insights? We can merge supporting sources with your data to answer questions about your organizational impact, such as:

  • Commodity flow databases and economic production and consumption inventories
  • National survey microdata samples
  • Synthetic population estimates

The EBP team’s expertise spans spatial and socioeconomic data analysis. Our analysts are fluent in R, Python, and SQL for data analytics and visualization. Our expertise also includes geospatial analysis and mapping as well as development of dashboards and other interactive communications tools to bring your data to life. We also build custom software.

We support our clients through services such as:

Most importantly, we always work with our clients to first identify needs and questions, then assess available information and tools, and finally to implement and deliver targeted analytics.