Across the nation and around the world, economies and organizations are undergoing a massive transformation to a net zero energy society, presenting significant new opportunities to reinvent and transition to sustainable energy practices.


To best capitalize on this transformation, governments and organizations need expert guidance in assessing economic costs, benefits, performance, and economic development opportunities associated with energy programs, climate policies, new technology investments, and decarbonization strategies.

EBP has a long history of success in helping our clients with decision support to solve their most challenging sustainable energy problems and meet their goals and mission. Our clients include utilities, private companies, professional organizations, government and non-governmental agencies, metropolitan and regional planning agencies, and local governments.

We provide subject matter expertise, analytic capabilities, and real-world advice across a range of topics:

  1. Energy policy analysis and strategy,
  2. Sustainable energy technologies and program evaluation,
  3. Climate action planning and decarbonization strategies,
  4. Net-zero energy building support,
  5. Utility-scale renewable energy systems,
  6. Resilience of energy infrastructure,
  7. Clean technology product development and adoption.

Our Sustainable Energy team’s expertise and cutting-edge analytics and tools are augmented by the extensive experience of EBP’s global network of offices in Switzerland, Germany, Chile, Brazil, and China.