EBP analyzes economic opportunities, impacts and benefits associated with airport and aviation systems, services, policies and facility investments.



The firm has conducted individual and statewide projects covering over 500 airports – spanning the US, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, Scotland, and South Africa. EBP’s aviation economics and planning services include:

  1. Documenting airports’ roles in supporting local, regional and state economies, as well as the U.S. and other national economies,
  2. Developing airports as a key element of economic development and urban growth plans,
  3. Evaluating business needs and opportunities for enhancing air services and airport facilities,
  4. Evaluating land development and intermodal service opportunities associated with airports, and
  5. Conducting benefit/cost and economic impact analysis for proposed airport investments.

EBP is also a research leader in aviation issues related to green technologies, sustainability, smart growth, and connectivity.