In the past decade, emerging transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft have replaced, supplemented, and disrupted traditional modes of transportation. They have transitioned from upstarts to important and permanent players in the transportation industry. At the same time, connected and autonomous vehicle (AVs) technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, promising a further revolution in transportation. What’s more, on-demand TNC fleets will be among the first applications of self-driving vehicles due to the heavy utilization and lower per-mile costs of shared fleets.

EBP (formerly EDR Group) is prepared to analyze the impacts of these two revolutions on transportation networks and regional economies: mobility-on-demand services and vehicle automation. Our projects study the behavior of on-demand ride users, particularly shared versus solo TNC trips. Our analytical methods incorporate cutting edge survey and data analysis to understand not only travel behavior, but also its economic impacts and how polices could incentivize more people to share their journeys and what impacts this might have on the transportation system in different cities. Our insights on new mobility paradigms enhance traditional planning and evaluation work, helping clients address questions around these uncertain, emerging issues. Below is a selection of our ongoing work on in this critical topic.