EBP’s revenue and finance practice evaluates existing and potential infrastructure funding mechanisms to explore opportunities and determine the impacts of different funding proposals at the project, local, state, or national level. Long-term financial sustainability requires reliable funding sources. As the transportation world evolves, public agencies are increasingly looking to innovative public and private funding sources and structures.

We work with our clients to evaluate funding mechanisms including: 

  • User fees (tolls, fares, mileage-based fees)
  • Taxes (property and sales tax) 
  • Value capture mechanism (such as development impact fees and negotiated exactions)

We provide clients with answers to key questions, such as: 

We provide the insights needed for decision makers to compare funding structures and select the mechanism and policy features that meet their objectives. This includes assessing the capabilities required for successful implementation and quantifying the differential impacts that each mechanism may have on a given project, area, or community. To do so, we leverage our expertise in novel data applications, including the use of highly disaggregate and detailed sources such as individual vehicle registration records, synthetic household microdata, origin-destination travel data, and advanced travel model analysis. Our work provides clients the information they need to make data-informed decisions about the selection and implementation of future revenue systems. Importantly, our team ensures our results and recommendations are communicated clearly and effectively in a manner that is directly targeted to the audience and purpose of our work.