ITF Container and Ports Roundtable in Chile

EDR Group Vice President, Stephen Fitzroy, was an invited member of the International Transport Forum's Roundtable on Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets, November 7-8, 2013, in Santiago, Chile.

Planned jointly with the Government of Chile, attendees examined the broader issues that influence the development of container transport, focusing on the plans developed for expansion of port capacity in central Chile. Discussions were structured around four papers examining the broader issues as follows.

1.       Planning for large scale container port capacity expansion in Chile, to be prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile.

2.       Post-Panamax vessels on the west coast of South America - scenarios and key drivers for shipping companies’ decisions to put large vessels into service, as well as threats and/or opportunities posed by other ports along the West Coast of Latin America Gordon Wilmsmeier, ECLAC/CEPAL.

3.       Port competitiveness: efficiency, hinterland transport quality, logistics organization and good practice in the management of the environmental impacts of port traffic and port operations in general, Michele Acciaro and Alan McKinon, Kuhne Logistics University, Hamburg.

4.       Port investment: efficient financing and risk management, with a focus on the potentially complex issues of breakwaters & reclaimed land and economic optimality of different technology levels, Jose Luis Guasch.

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The report is forthcoming and link will be available