Join Us at the TRB Meeting 2024

EBP colleagues will be involved in a number of ways at The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 103rd Annual Meeting, January 7–11, 2024, in Washington, D.C. The event is expected to attract thousands of transportation professionals from around the world.

EBP will feature a booth in the exhibition hall (Booth #1005).  We encourage you to stop by and speak to us about our consulting capabilities, as well as our TREDIS transportation analysis software tools.

In addition, the following sessions will feature EBP-led presentations and/or highlight EBP's recent work:

Sunday, January 7th

Workshop 1013: Using Benefit-Cost Analysis in Today's Decision Making

  • 9:00am-12pm-Convention Center, 152B
  • EBP's Glen Weisbrod will serve as a panelist discussing "The Future of Cost-Benefit Analysis" (Presentation #P24-20635)

Monday, January 8th

Poster Session 2170: Current Issues in Air Quality and Greenhouse Mitigation

  • 1:30pm-3:15pm-Convention Center, Hall A
  • EBP's Prachanda Tiwari will present a poster on "Impacts of Area-Wide Pollution on Multimodal Traffic: Comparing Motor Vehicle, Pedestrian and Transit Volumes in Northern Utah" (Presentation #TRBAM-24-04459)

Lectern Session 2199: Affordable Housing and Homelessness: A Framework for Mobility Solution

  • 3:45pm-5:30pm-Convention Center, 146B
  • EBP's Adam Schmidt will present on "Examining Household Movement Patterns Near Three US Light Rail Systems Using Survival Analysis" (Presentation #TRBAM-24-02600)

Poster Session 2218: Emerging Topics in Economics and Finance

  • 3:45pm-5:30pm-Convention Center, Hall A
  • EBP's Steven Landau will present a poster on "Post-COVID Developments in Electric Vehicles and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Their Influence on Congestion and Greenhouse Gas Emissions" (Presentation #P24-20659)

Tuesday, January 9th

Poster Session 3048: Resiliency in the Age of Disruption

  • 8:00am-9:45am-Convention Center, Hall A
  • EBP's Kyle Schroeckenthaler and Naomi Stein will present a poster on "Uncertainty in Long-Range Transportation Planning: From Understanding to Action" (Presentation #P24-20243)

Wednesday, January 10th

  • 10:15am-12:00pm-Convention Center, Hall A
  • EBP's Kyle Schroeckenthaler and Cecilia Viggiano will present a poster on "A Methodological Framework for a State-Level Transportation Re-pricing Strategy Impact Assessment" (Presentation #TRBAM-24-03970)