Transnational Exchange About Developments in Automated Driving

On July 4th, 2018, Kyle Schroeckenthaler and Mark Sieber participated in a workshop in Solothurn, Switzerland.




The workshop, hosted by EDR Group’s parent company, EBP, on behalf of the Swiss Association of Cities, was an opportunity for participants to discuss the project “Effects of Autonomous Vehicles in Everyday Life.” Participants from states (cantons), cities, transit operators, and transport firms from around Switzerland gathered to discuss development of an action plan for developing the AV ecosystem in the country. Participates had come together at an earlier workshop to discuss an overview of the topic of autonomous vehicles in Switzerland. This workshop presented in-depth studies about various specific topics and included group discussions about the conclusions in each topical area. Kyle presented a poster on new mobility business models in the U.S. and recent developments in autonomous and on-demand product offerings that might inform Swiss planning efforts.

Overall, the workshop covered the topics of:

  • Traffic modeling,
  • Traffic management,
  • Data and IT infrastructure,
  • New on-demand transportation offerings that mix private auto and public transit characteristics,
  • Goods movement and urban logistics,
  • Legal frameworks for vehicles and services,
  • Pilots and testing programs,
  • Effects on resources, energy and the environment, and
  • Effects on cities and regions.