Assessment of National Highway System Passenger Connectors

For the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), EBP (formerly EDR Group), under contract to Cambridge Systematics, Inc., examined and documented the mobility and connectivity aspects of National Highway System (NHS) passenger connectors, to show how they facilitate connecting every American to the global economy, and to suggest possible recommendations on how they could be improved. The study produced a comprehensive look at NHS passenger intermodal connectors. 

The project included a comprehensive literature review, development of interview-based case studies and the evaluation of the performance and condition of NHS passenger intermodal connectors.  EBP identified impediments to investments and improvements to NHS passenger intermodal connectors and provided recommendations for possible solutions to these impediments.  Of special interest were ways in which NHS passenger intermodal connectors served to connect the transportation disadvantaged, economically disadvantaged or underserved populations to employment opportunities.