California Transportation Plan 2050

For California DOT, EBP (under subcontract to Cambridge Systematics) led the economic development analysis for the state’s long run multimodal transportation plan, CTP2050.

The role of EBP was to evaluate the economic growth, productivity and equity impacts of baseline and alternative policy scenarios over the 2020 to 2050 time period. The policy scenarios included land use policies, multimodal transportation policies and combined policies aimed at enabling efficient and environmentally sustainable future travel patterns. The transportation impact evaluation considered effects on modal choices and greenhouse gas emissions, while the economic analysis by EBP focused on further implications for economic growth, development patterns and equity across the state and among its regions.

A notable aspect of this work was the analysis of equity, which considered the distribution and equity of impact among regions of the state, between urban and rural areas, and among various occupations and wage/income classes.

The EBP role is noted on page IV of the main Plan Report. EBP was a primary author of the Technical Analysis Element, which is available upon request by emailing