Commuting in America

For the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), EBP is authoring a Commuting in America Brief to support practitioners and policymakers looking to understand and measure how people use emerging transportation modes. New modes of travel, ranging from e-bikes to carshare to scooters and autonomous vehicles, will undoubtedly impact how people travel. 

It is challenging to measure and report on these emerging modes, as the data are often gathered and owned by private companies and obtaining comprehensive usage data can be difficult. The Commuting in America Brief summarizes sources and methodologies for the collection and interpretation of data, measurement, and reporting of emerging modes. In this brief, EBP will document existing sources of data on emerging transportation modes; identify gaps in the available data and opportunities for analysis; propose new datasets for national analysis; and document methodologies for using these datasets to report on trends emerging modes.