Economic and Equity Impacts of a Road User Charge

On February 16, 2017, Dr. Stephen Fitzroy gave a presentation titled "Economic and Equity Impacts of a Road User Charge (RUC)" to the Idaho House and Senate Transportation Committees. 

This presentation adds state-specific details and additional depth to EBP's (formerly EDR Group) work for RUC West on the "Financial Impacts of a RUC on Drivers in Rural and Urban Counties." Dr. Fitzroy discussed the current gasoline taxes being paid by residents in different parts of the state, what we can infer about their travel behavior and vehicle use in general, and implications for different groups of Idaho residents of implementing a road user charge. Although many legislators and members of the public are very concerned about rural drivers being disadvantaged by a road user charge, in Idaho and other states, our analysis finds that households living in rural counties may actually be the beneficiaries of the new system.